Welcome to our "Green" Dental Office!

On behalf of Dr. Felicia Chu and our entire Celebrating Smiles dental team, we welcome you to our office. We are very excited for you to experience our newly designed green dental office! Our office was designed, constructed and operated following the Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) for Commercial Interiors. We have earned the gold award in LEED certification!

I believe that creating a LEED certified office is not only important for our environment, but creates an atmosphere that is beneficial to the health of my patients and staff.

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Listed below are the features we implemented to promote a healthier atmosphere:

  1. In order to improve air quality, we use special filters to eliminate 80% of pollen, allergens, dust, mold and bacteria from the air compared to standard filters which typically remove only 30%.
  2. Environmentally conscious decisions were made in the choice of building materials. Low emitting products were used for paint, floor finishes and adhesives. The wood sourced for the clinic was supplied from regional forests near Baraboo, Wisconsin where trees are replanted faster than they are harvested. Reusing material prevents the landfills from getting overcrowded. We were able to salvage laboratory cabinets and chemical resistant counter tops from a demolition project at Northwestern University. The hall arches and charming fireplace mantle with a chalkboard inside the waiting room are reused from the Delta Institute. Even the door for the mechanical room was salvaged from Habitat for Humanity’s RE-USE Store. The granite in the reception area is salvaged from left over granite tops from Carol Stream, IL. The light fixtures were salvaged from an electrical company in Arlington Heights, IL. The art panels you see above the dental chairs are made using a special water jet cutting process from recycled extruded styrene.
  3. For energy efficiency, we had LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights installed, which use significantly less power than incandescent bulbs. We also have special lighting controls which are activated via both solar and occupancy sensors. A special silver reflective insulation was installed, which is made form recycled materials and allows the light to be reflected to reduce the amount of lighting required. The lights above the dental chairs also make use of LED technology to save energy! Energy Star appliances were used throughout the office.
  4. Low flow plumbing fixtures saves energy for pumping water. Use of a dry dental evacuation system which uses no water will conserve an estimated gallon of water each minute.
  5. We practice green by recycling and using environmentally friendly cleaning products. We mange the practice using a paperless system. This involves digital x-rays which eliminate the need for film and chemicals used in the traditional processes. Our dental software charting eliminates paper charts. We have estimated an 80% reduction in paper consumption when compared to our past paper-based system!

At Celebrating Smiles, we offer our patients the most current dental treatment technology in a friendly, comfortable and healthy environment. Our goal is to provide you with dental care that will enhance the quality of your life. We provide a variety of preventive and restorative dental services designed to extend the life of your teeth and overall dental health contributing to your overall physical health, outer appearance and inner confidence.

Our Mission

The doctors and staff at Celebrating Smiles are committed to helping patients improve their dental health which will also improve their overall health. Our goal is to provide care in the most gentle and caring manner, so patients will feel confident with their smile for the rest of their lives.

Our office design reflects our mission. The state of the art facility is Gold LEED certified to promote a healthy environment for patients and staff while also being kind to the environment. The office design and latest technology allows the staff to deliver patient care in the most efficient and safe manner. Celebrating Smiles welcomes all patients! Our team looks forward to improving your oral health and smile!

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